Sep. 2nd, 2010

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I am looking at e-readers, and am intrigued by the new Kindle, both for its smallness and its (relative) cheapness. My main purpose in buying an e-reader is to read fanfic without having to lug my laptop around, so my main concern is the ability to transfer TXT, PDF and HTML files to the device and be able to read them.

As I looked more deeply into the nuts and bolts of the Kindle tranfser process, though, I saw a big snag, and want to ask Kindle users if I'm reading the help files correctly about PDF and HTML files. Here is what the Amazon help files say about the types of files Kindle recognizes when connected by USB:

Here's a list of the directories and the file types recognized by Kindle:

* Documents: Kindle (.AZW, .AZW1). Text (.TXT), Unprotected Mobipocket (.MOBI, .PRC)
* Audible: Audible (.AA, .AAX)
* Music: MP3 (.MP3)

[Blah blah DRM blah]

Personal Documents

Kindle's Personal Document Service allows you to e-mail the following approved file types to your Kindle's e-mail address:

* Microsoft Word (.DOC)
* RTF (.RTF)
* GIF (.GIF)
* PNG (.PNG)
* BMP (.BMP)
* PDF (.PDF): See below for details.
* Microsoft Word (.DOCX) is supported in our experimental category.

Okay. If I am reading this and the section on transferring files by e-mail correctly, I will not be able to transfer PDF or HTML files directly to my Kindle via USB. Instead, I will have to e-mail PDF and HTML files to a special e-mail address, and they will then be sent via wireless to my Kindle.

So, my question for current Kindle users is this: Am I reading this right? Do I have to jump through e-mail hoops and wireless just to send a PDF or HTML file I've saved on my own computer to the Kindle? Really?

This is close to being a serious deal-breaker for me. Nearly all of what I read is saved in TXT format, but more and more authors are offering longer stories in single-file PDFs. If anyone reads PDFs on their Kindle, I'd be interested in your experiences and advice. Including if the wireless process is actually very easy and painless. :)
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Forgive my spam, but I have a metric ton of Dreamwidth codes from my various accounts. I know a lot of people are very unhappy with Livejournal's latest fiasco, so if you're thinking of checking out Dreamwidth, here's an opportunity to do so. Please feel free to pass the codes along to friends and so on.

For me, I was actually going to opt to use the Facebook thing to crosspost entries from my real-life nickname account because many of my real-life friends and family use Facebook and they like to know that I'm alive and well and see pictures of my cats and stuff, but then stupid LJ put my stupid real-life legal last name on my LJ profile page, so that killed that idea. (This is a good post from Cleolinda, who tested what the crossposting does and how it looks.)

Here are the codes. Share and enjoy! )

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