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Okay, I've successfully imported my LJ to Dreamwidth. Everything seems to have moved very nicely. Of course, all the internal links lead to LJ right now, but since it's an exact duplicate I'm not too fussed about it, especially since I'd like to re-format the fanfiction for Dreamwidth's bigger posting limits anyway.

The main reason I'm making a post about this is that I've also imported my friendslist over and given access to everyone's OpenID. I hope. What this means is that if you would like to come and comment on an entry at Dreamwidth (for instance, if there's a different conversation going on in the comments that you'd like to join), you can log in using OpenID (and if you have an LJ, you have an OpenID). You can comment even if the entry is locked, just the same as you can on LJ. Theoretically.

Or you can just comment anonymously. :) I'm afraid I've had to turn on the CAPTCHA options on because I've started getting anonymous spam, but I'm invested in keeping anonymous commenting open because occasionally blogless friends and family read and want to comment.

ETA: To clarify, you can also use your OpenID to delete or screen comments made on Livejournal that have been moved to Dreamwidth.
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Despite being one of the victims of the "invalid user" bug last night, I do have a Dreamwidth account now:

There's nothing there yet, because I figure the servers are pretty busy right now processing accounts. I'll work on importing my journal later.

I expect to be getting invite codes soon, probably in the next couple of days. As of right now, the only person on my previous list who doesn't already have one is [ profile] eccequambonum (*waves*), so I expect to have four more codes available. If you were missed in the code deluge drop a comment and I'll add you to the list.

As I've said before, I have no plans to leave LJ. I'll likely be crossposting from Dreamwidth because it's easier, but given the light traffic on my journal I'll be leaving comments open on both services for now, unless there's a reason for keeping the conversation in one place (or it starts driving me nuts :)). If you're staying here on LJ, you probably won't notice a thing. :)
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Zvi has gone into a little more detail about accounts and account creation here:

Zvi has also, in general, posted a lot of really useful information about making the transition, including giving detailed instructions to her Livejournal friendslist about the wherefores and how-tos of following journals on Dreamwidth from LJ and vice versa.

One really important thing I didn't mention about Dreamwidth is that you can use your OpenID account (and if you have a Livejournal account, you have an OpenID) to create an account on Dreamwidth. Your OpenID account will have a lot of the basic, practical functions of user accounts, namely the ability to add journals to a reading list, create filters for them, comment on entries (even if anonymous commenting is disabled), and even read and comment on locked entries if the DW user has your OpenID on their access list. (This is not just on Dreamwidth, by the way. OpenID works this way on LJ, too; I just never knew it because I already had accounts on the journaling services I used and never used OpenID before). You'll also have a basic profile page and six user icons to use for commenting.

I'm still taking code requests, too. If you want to be on the waiting list for a code, please comment here (This is so I can be sure of the posting order and be fair about the first-come thingy).
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Spreading the word:

Dreamwidth Studios will be in open beta beginning April 30, 2009. There will be seed accounts (permanent accounts) available in limited numbers at that time, and also paid accounts starting at $3. You can also create a journal with an invite code if you know someone who already has a beta account or who plans to buy a Dreamwidth account. (Me, in the latter case. :))

To that end, if anyone wants an invite code from me, please respond in a comment to this post and I'll put you on a list on a first-come, first-served basis. My understanding is that the invite codes will be distributed only as the maintainers feel that the site can support that number of new free users, so code availability will almost certainly be fairly limited, especially at first.

If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, the short version is that Dreamwidth is a new journaling service based on the LJ code. One good phrase, from [ profile] foxfirefey, is "rebooting LJ from the inside." I was going to give a explanation about "Why Dreamwidth Is Cool" here, but then [ profile] friendshipper went and did it much better. You can also read Zvi's very useful "An introductory guide to Dreamwidth in closed beta from a non-expert".

For the record, I have no plans to utterly abandon LJ. I have too many treasured relationships here to simply up and leave without knowing that said relationships can be continued on Dreamwidth. Also, as much as I feel that the LJ upper management are dicks who would just as soon see fandom disappear from their servers (and might possibly succeed, eventually, in making that happen), I have a vested interest in keeping up with my favorite fandoms who still have communities hosted on LJ.

In any case, Dreamwidth is making it easy to move and crosspost and read, so I don't have to completely abandon one journaling service for another. I'll be keeping roots down at LJ, but I think I'll feel much better having a home at Dreamwidth, too.

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