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The Harry Potter Random Title Generator

Favorite results so far:

Harry Potter and the Warm Elf

Sirius Black and the Tree's Buoyancy

Colin Creevey and the Furious Wind
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Cause, you know, I don't have any unpacking to do and therefore have lots of time for memes )

And now, the "fandom" mini-rant. Recently someone in Harry Potter fandom--I think it was [ profile] heidi8, but it doesn't really matter because there are many other Harry Potter fans who do this--posted a survey to find out how long fans had been in Harry Potter fandom. But the posts about the survey, and the questions themselves, sometimes referred to how long the person had been in fandom. Not, as in some cases, "Harry Potter fandom," or "the fandom" but fandom, when in fact the question was only about Harry Potter fandom. Grr. Just...grr.

I guess I can understand that some fans who fall into the hugeness that is Potter fandom never see beyond its edges to the rest of the fannish world, but that doesn't mean that the rest of the fannish world doesn't exist, and in fact existed long before Harry Potter was ever written. Huge as it is, Harry Potter is only one part of fandom, and I guess I just wish that some of the more myopic Potter fans would acknowledge that "fandom" and "Harry Potter fandom" are not the same thing. Or maybe it's just the English major in me. :)

Off to knit now....

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