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So. I have seen all the Avengers Universe Movies.

I've also started writing fanfic again.

These two events are not unrelated.

I'm going about the fanfic thing in a...slightly different way, though. I have had such a huge problem the last several years with messing around and fiddling and tweaking stories that I end up never finishing them, or if I finish them I never post them. I have a finished Stargate: Atlantis story that I've never posted anywhere but here, and two finished Lord of the Rings stories I've never posted anywhere because I'm just endlessly fussing with them.

So, I'm trying something new. First, I decided to try my hand at posting anon on the kink memes (okay, so I'm telling everyone *here* that I'm posting anon, which is probably defeating the purpose, but never mind), so I feel a little freer for the story to not have to be absolutely totally 110% perfectly perfect with every word delicately crafted into place. (It only has to be 105% perfect.)

Second, I found a prompt that was really detailed. Like, really, really, really detailed, as in pretty much the entire story outlined down to how it ends. The OP has firm ideas on the shape of things, which is great because it means I don't have to make up everything myself (seriously, the OP is getting co-writing credit when I clean it up and re-post it). But, the OP also isn't dictatorial about the little details. So long as I hit the main plot points (which I wouldn't have picked the prompt if that was a deal-breaker), they're happy.

Third, the story is challenging. It's a wallowy hurt/comfort angst-fest of the kind I've always wanted to write, but never really dared to because I was afraid I would just go overboard. But it's anon, and a kink meme, so I can experiment with my restraint and if I slip over the edge I don't have to be embarrassed. It's also got non-con in it, which I've written before, but this is totally different non-con from anything I've ever done. I'm having to write inside the non-consenting character's head as they're cooperating in their own rape, and it's icky and creepy and *hard.* But I think I can pull it off. *crosses fingers*

Fourth, I'm posting it as a WIP. Yes, I know, I KNOW!!! Vows are made to be broken, etc. But I feel like I need to try it and see if it works, if it kick-starts that ten-year-dormant fanfic-writing part of me and gets me over the fallback of "Well, I can always post it ten years later..."

So, yeah, I'm excited about writing again. Who knew? :)

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