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I don't know about the rest of you, but my own rec spam is driving me nuts. I love doing the recs, and I want to share them, but they're completely overtaking my personal space.

So, to stop my journal from being subsumed by recs, I've done what I probably should have done in the first place, and created new journals just for my fanfic recommendations. From now on, if you wish to follow my Torchwood recs, you can do so at [personal profile] dmarley_recs on Dreamwidth, and [ profile] dmarley_recs on Livejournal. Both journals have sticky posts with more links and information about how/what/where/when I rec.

I'm leaving all the old themed lists in situ, under the torchwood finder lists tag (torchwood finder lists tag on Livejournal. I've also imported them to both the new rec journals. I won't be keeping or importing the daily Tweets because they cause too much clutter and you can find all of them archived much more tidily at my Twitter page and the full list of tagged links on Delicious.

Sorry if this has caused anyone headaches, and I also apologize to anyone who may have subscribed to this journal for the recs, and now has to go subscribe to the other one. Sorry for the hassle, but I think it'll be better all around. :)

(Edited February 16, 2010 to clear up references daily Tweets.)
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This is a search that tends to come up a lot, so I decided to just go ahead and pre-emptively make a master list of Torchwood BDSM stories. Since most of the time the request is for Jack/Ianto, and also specific about who the Dom is, I've split the list into three parts: Jack/Ianto where Jack is the Dom, Jack/Ianto where Ianto is the Dom, and other pairings with the Dom indicated in a note. I've tagged all three lists as follows:

storyfinder:bdsmjackiantodomjack for Jack/Ianto stories where Jack is the Dom.

storyfinder:bdsmjackiantodomianto for Jack/Ianto stories where Ianto is the Dom.

storyfinder:bdsmotherpairings for all the stories with other pairings.

All three lists are consolidated under the storyfinder:bdsm tag.

Jack/Ianto BDSM, Dom Jack )

Jack/Ianto BDSM, Dom Ianto )

Other BDSM Pairings )
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Now that I have over a thousand Torchwood stories tagged on Delicious, I think it's time to make an official plug post for my Torchwood recs.

I read through a lot of Torchwood stories (both old and new), and as I do I pick out the ones that I think are enjoyable and readable and bookmark them on Delicious. With lots of tags. I think of my recs primarily as a reading filter, aimed at readers who might not have time to click through everything posted to [ profile] torchwood_three every day, and also aimed at new fans who might feel overwhelmed at the sheer volume of stories out there.

If that's too broad for your tastes, I also have a five-star (literally, *****) tag that I use for stories which I found outstanding in some way. I also highly recommend [ profile] torchwood_house, which is a well-organized and comprehensive recommendation community.

Where to find my recs, and how to follow as I update them )

Any questions, please drop a comment.
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This list was made in response to this request for timetravel fix stories (not "fixit"s necessarily, just stories that altered canon events) on [ profile] twgenrefinders. It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:timetravelfixes.

Time Travel Fixes )
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This is actually a composite list of a couple of different requests, both for first-time Jack/Ianto stories. One request was generally for first-time stories, with a few preferred subcategories, and the other was for first-time stories, "the schmoopier the better," but also willing to read anything that was good. I decided to just take the lists I made and use them as a base for a general Jack/Ianto first-time list. It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:jack/iantofirsttime. If you're brave, you can also delve into the (currently) 66 stories tagged under jack/ianto+first-time.

Jack/Ianto First-Time )
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This list was made in response to this request for long Jack/Ianto or general team stories on [ profile] twgenrefinders. For the purpose of the list I arbitrarily defined "long" in Tardis Big Bang terms--20,000 words or longer. This list is tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:longjack/ianto.

Long Jack/Ianto Stories )
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What with my vacation, and catching up from my vacation, I've fallen a bit behind on posting my finder lists here. I'm going to try to make it a point to get that done soon, but I'm not sure it will happen before DragonCon. If you're interested in the latest lists, you can check the storyfinder tag, which covers all the storyfinder lists.

Links to some of the recent lists )
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Okay, I'm cheating, because this isn't an actual story list. Or rather, it's kind of an on-going story list.

What with the recent airing of "Children of Earth," the Torchwood fanfiction community has been--understandably--a bit overwhelmed with stories about the mini-series. In an effort to aid those readers who a) might not have seen "Children of Earth" yet or b) want to take a break from reading about "Children of Earth," I have (inspired by [ profile] zortified) added a "nochildrenofearth" tag to my Delicious bookmarks.

These are stories which contain no spoilers about "Children of Earth," and do not take place during that time period of the series.

I've only tagged back as far as July 6th, the day "Children of Earth" began to air. If you want to read non-"Children of Earth" stories I bookmarked before then, just go to the main bookmark page and scroll/page until you get to July 5th. You're safe from there on back. :)

ETA: Playing the part of my brain, [ profile] adina_atl has reminded me how easily the Bulk Edit function works (we won't mention that I used it to add the new tag to all the recent stories and then failed to think about the fact that it would work on all my tags at once, no really), and I've gone ahead and tagged all my bookmarks with "nochildrenofearth" as appropriate. That means that if you begin by using that tag and keep adding other tags to it (there's a list of + tags to the right when you get to the bookmark page), you will not encounter "Children of Earth" stories. Yes, it means that a huge majority of my bookmarks are tagged that way, but that's not really a problem and it does mean that readers can surf un-spoiled. I hope. :)

For those who do want to read more stories about "Children of Earth," I've tagged everything having to do with it with "spoilers:childrenofearth." I've also tagged most of the stories "torchwood:series3" and, where applicable, "torchwood:post-series3."

Also be aware that the "torchwood:post-series" tag--which covers stories that take place in the far-enough future to be unlikely to ever be covered by canon--may include "Children of Earth" spoilers even if there's not a specific Series 3 tag. In that case, there will be a "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag in place. As a final warning, be aware that some of the tags on "Children of Earth" stories may in themselves be spoilers.

(ETA September 6, 2009: It's been two months now since "Children of Earth" aired, and most communities have eased up on spoiler protection. I've thought about whether or not to stop using the spoiler tags, and have decided that, for now, I'll continue to use both the "nochildrenofearth" tag and the "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag for at least another month. It's very likely that I will eventually drop the "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag, but I may continue to use the "nochildrenofearth" one, simply because I can see where readers might want to filter those stories.)
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This list was posted in response to this particular request for Jack/Ianto smutty fluff stories, but there have been several requests for stories on similar themes. So, I made two lists: One for stories that are fluff (without necessarily having sex in them), and another for stories that are mostly about sex. The PWP list fits into the spirit of the fluff list; nothing dark or heavy or angsty, just lots of sex. The request was also for shorter stories, but fluff and PWP stories tend to be self-limiting, so I just left the few longer stories on the list.

I've tagged the listed stories on Delicious as follows:

Fluff Stories: storyfinder:fluff

PWP Stories: storyfinder:pwp

Combined List: storyfinder:pwpfluff

Jack/Ianto Fluff )

Jack/Ianto PWP Stories )
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This was a two-fold request, first for stories where Ianto is unappreciated, and second for stories where Ianto is Myfanwy's caretaker, where he talks to her or otherwise treats her as if she were a normal pet.

In reponse to the first request, I posted this link referring to an earlier post where the seeker was also looking for unappreciated Ianto stories (also reposted under my "torchwood finder lists" tag). I also re-linked a few of those below, because they fit both parameters. I'll be retroactively tagging the first set as "storyfinder:unappreciatedianto" and the second set as "storyfinder:ianto&myfanwy." Or both, as the case may be. :)

Unappreciated Ianto + Ianto&Myfanwy )

Ianto&Myfanwy )
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Another list from a couple of weeks ago. This request was for stories about Ianto and Tosh, either as friends or in a relationship. These will be tagged on Delicious as "storyfinder:ianto&tosh" for friendship stories, and "storyfinder:ianto/tosh" for stories about them having a sexual or romantic relationship.

Ianto&Tosh (Friendship) )

Ianto/Tosh (Sex/Romance) )
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Request number one was for stories featuring pheromones, and request number two, made shortly thereafter, was for "aliens/sex pollen/alien tech made them do it." Since the two requests more or less overlapped, I've smushed them together in one post. All the stories carry the usual dub-con implications that go with the AMTDI trope, but I've also noted the stories that go well beyond that base assumption and into non-con.

I've also been working on my Delicious tags this week, and have a) caught up with my "totag" tag and b) starting adding tags for storyfinder request lists. This set, for instance, will (hopefully soon) be tagged with "storyfinder:pheromones" and "storyfinder:aliensmadethemdoit." I have also laboriously divorced my personal bookmarks from this Delicious account, since it was just too unwieldly to have the tags for my 1000+ personal bookmarks cluttering up the tags I really use.

Stories featuring pheromones )

Aliens, etc., made them do it )
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This poster was seeking hurt/comfort stories where a member of the team was delirious. Not surprisingly, in most of the stories I found, that team member was Ianto.

Delerium )

I've realized that there's often a lot of overlap on these lists. There are certain types of stories that get asked for a lot, and certain stories that seem to fit into many of those types. I suppose repetition is inevitable.
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The first request was for stories in which Ianto and Jack had to deal with homophobia, or where Ianto found himself having difficulty with his attraction to Jack.

Stories dealing with homophobia )

The second request was for stories in which Jack was cheating on Ianto, or where Ianto was otherwise fed up with Jack's flirting and infidelity.

Cheating Jack and Jealous Ianto )

Because my readership has shifted a bit in the migration to Dreamwidth, I'll mention again that these aren't recommendations, per se, though they are stories that I feel the person asking will probably enjoy. I draw these links from the pool of stories that I've saved, and if a story is on my hard drive it means no more or less than the fact that I probably read it all the way through at least once. Though I'm obviously going to give weight to stories that I've enjoyed, these lists are merely that: lists of stories that fit certain criteria, and that I think are well-written enough to be enjoyed on that basis.
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There were actually two different requests for this, one here and one here. Both were requests for stories that took place in a completely different setting than Torchwood. Check the links, because I missed a few in both posts.

Torchwood AU Stories )
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Sorry for the spammage. I posted the last list, then realized I need to make a post about not being able to post for a while after my surgery tomorrow, then realized that if I couldn't post after my surgery tomorrow, I couldn't post the next two lists over the next couple of days, either. So, the last two lists:

This request was for stories in which Ianto felt unappreciated by Jack or felt that Jack was in love with Gwen or someone else:

Unappreciated Ianto )

The second request was for a specific story in which Jack and Ianto were able to read one another's minds, followed by a more general request for Jack/Ianto mind reading stories:

Mind reading Jack and Ianto )

That's it for now with the lists. As I mentioned above, I'm having my wrist surgery tomorrow, and will probably not be able to type for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck, and take care, everyone! :)
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This request was for Jack/Ianto BDSM, specifically stories with Ianto as the submissive partner:

Jack/Ianto BDSM )
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This request was for stories in which Ianto was with a male character who was not Jack (aka Ianto/OMCTINJ :)). This is by no means a comprehensive list, more like the tip of the iceberg, but I still managed to dig up a fair few:

First, have some communities:

[ profile] halfwee_and_tea Owen/Ianto
[ profile] constable_jones Ianto/PC Andy Davidson
[ profile] tw_rarepairs Rare Torchwood pairings (Any pairing but Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen or Jack/Tenth or Ninth Doctor)
[ profile] torchwood_decaf Everything except Jack/Ianto

Now, individual stories:

Ianto/Owen )

Ianto/PC Andy Davidson )

Ianto/Original Male Character )

Crossovers )

Doctor Who )

Highlander )

Other Crossovers )
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One way I've been amusing myself lately is by tracking down Torchwood fanfiction stories on [ profile] twstoryfinder and [ profile] twgenrefinders. It's something I can do that doesn't involve much typing apart from copy pasta, and it also usefully exploits my bizarre habit of saving every piece of fanfiction I read.

I thought, therefore, that I'd re-post some of the lists I've compiled, for the future edification of Torchwood genre-seekers. These are not recommendations per se. If a story is on my hard drive it means no more or less than the fact that I probably read it all the way through at least once. These lists are merely that: lists of stories that fit certain criteria.

Without further ado, here's the first list:

Stories that feature pre-series explorations of Suzie's character )

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