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My New Fanfic folder, it is clean! Okay, it's supposed to be clean, because it's supposed to be just a temporary holding area for stories while I get their Smart Quotes brainwashed and labels assigned before sorting them into their Proper Places. If this is done as stories happen, it takes about a minute a day. When it's not done, and the folder is bulging with over six hundred stories, it takes four or five days.

The tedious details of how it took fifteen years to realize that sorting by an author's full name is a Good Idea. )

Now all I have to do is work my way through the 1,700 untagged stories in the Torchwood folder...
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I just finished adding publication years to all my Delicious bookmarks. I started doing it to the new bookmarks back in November, but I had an enormous backlog that could only be tackled by loading every freakin' story and looking at the date on it. (If there was an easier way, don't tell me. Please.) I was able to use the bulk edit function, so at least I only had to make two or three passes to get a bunch of bookmarks done at a time. It was the only thing that saved me.

It was tedious as crap, but the task did give me a chance to check for broken links, and also replace all the "+" signs with spaces on the Livejournal tag links so they'll actually work again.


Bookmarks updated: 1 Gazillion (Okay, about 1,200. It just seemed like more.)
Broken links deleted: 13 (Surprised it was that few, actually)
Journals deleted while I was updating links to them: 1 (ETA: Journals un-deleted the following day: 1)
Bookmarks eaten by Delicious: 1
Number of times same link subsequently eaten until successfully re-added: 3 (Suspect Delicious may be getting wise to 50-tag workarounds. Also, yay for backing up Delicious bookmarks a lot.)

Breakdown by year, if you're interested )
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Title: Famous
Author: Dorothy Marley ([personal profile] dmarley/[ profile] dmarley)
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/Torchwood crossover
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness/Carson Beckett UST
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Carson Beckett
Rating: PG
Content Notice: (skip) There are no specific warnings for this story. However, the concepts of the Cycle universe lend themselves to exploring issues of consent, and the idea of Cycling carries with it the implications of dubious consent. If exploring further in this universe, please be aware of these issues.
Length: 1,715 words
Date Completed: April 3, 2009
Summary: To Jack Harkness, Carson Beckett is much more than just a pretty face.
Disclaimer and Notes )

Famous )
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To keep myself distracted from the gloomy world outside, I've been combing through old [ profile] torchwood_three posts for stories I haven't read. Which are many. (Seriously, I thought I was keeping up with Torchwood fandom back then.) Even though I was involved in the fandom at the time, and remember a lot of this stuff while it was being discussed, in retrospect it's a bit surprising to see where fans thought things were going, and where they ended up.

Gwen/Owen 4Evah!!!!! )

Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch )

Leakage )

One day I'll watch you suffer and die )

Drabbles and WIPs )

At the time of this writing, I've only just gotten to the days right after the airing of the season finale, so I don't have any post-Series 1 hiatus data yet. But it was fascinating to look back at something that I was actually in the middle of, and look at the patterns that only clearly emerged months later.

ETA: Less than a week into the hiatus. Apparently "hiatus" is code for "Begin posting all your WIPs,!"
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I don't know about the rest of you, but my own rec spam is driving me nuts. I love doing the recs, and I want to share them, but they're completely overtaking my personal space.

So, to stop my journal from being subsumed by recs, I've done what I probably should have done in the first place, and created new journals just for my fanfic recommendations. From now on, if you wish to follow my Torchwood recs, you can do so at [personal profile] dmarley_recs on Dreamwidth, and [ profile] dmarley_recs on Livejournal. Both journals have sticky posts with more links and information about how/what/where/when I rec.

I'm leaving all the old themed lists in situ, under the torchwood finder lists tag (torchwood finder lists tag on Livejournal. I've also imported them to both the new rec journals. I won't be keeping or importing the daily Tweets because they cause too much clutter and you can find all of them archived much more tidily at my Twitter page and the full list of tagged links on Delicious.

Sorry if this has caused anyone headaches, and I also apologize to anyone who may have subscribed to this journal for the recs, and now has to go subscribe to the other one. Sorry for the hassle, but I think it'll be better all around. :)

(Edited February 16, 2010 to clear up references daily Tweets.)
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Now that I have over a thousand Torchwood stories tagged on Delicious, I think it's time to make an official plug post for my Torchwood recs.

I read through a lot of Torchwood stories (both old and new), and as I do I pick out the ones that I think are enjoyable and readable and bookmark them on Delicious. With lots of tags. I think of my recs primarily as a reading filter, aimed at readers who might not have time to click through everything posted to [ profile] torchwood_three every day, and also aimed at new fans who might feel overwhelmed at the sheer volume of stories out there.

If that's too broad for your tastes, I also have a five-star (literally, *****) tag that I use for stories which I found outstanding in some way. I also highly recommend [ profile] torchwood_house, which is a well-organized and comprehensive recommendation community.

Where to find my recs, and how to follow as I update them )

Any questions, please drop a comment.

Catching Up

Aug. 1st, 2009 08:50 pm
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I've realized that I haven't actually, formally updated anything about my wrist lately. As it happens, no news is good news, but since I've been blithering about it for months I might as well offer closure, too. :)

I am healed! )

All in all, I feel pretty darn lucky. It was a hellish winter, but I came out of it with all the important things (for instance, knitting) still possible, and I'm not in pain anymore. This is all good. :)

In other news, I'm done rescuing files from my Mom's malfunctioning iPod, and am about three-quarters done transferring the files back into iTunes so I can load them onto her new iPod. This has taken some time, both because I want to make sure that everything's being transferred, and also because I'm converting a bunch of WAV files to MP3. She has a machine that converts cassettes into digital audio, but it saves the files as WAV and we've never really coordinated that "How to convert files to MP3" tutorial I've been promising to do for her. So far, I've saved about 50GB (!?) of space.

I've also plowed through the backlog of Torchwood stories that were posted on LJ during my vacation. Without going into brutal statistics, I estimate that I had to read roughly twice as many stories, and tagged about the same net number as I would have pre-Children of Earth. I would despair, except that I sort of suspected that this would be the case. I also saved a bunch of stories that I didn't tag, some of which may end up working their way into the rec list. We'll have to see.

All in all, it's good to be back.
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Right. I'm going in. Eleven days of Torchwood fanfic, waiting to be read and tagged. And because I love my mother and am currently using my Mac to rescue the files from one of her iPods, I'm even doing it without TextWrangler. Think of me fondly.
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Okay, I'm cheating, because this isn't an actual story list. Or rather, it's kind of an on-going story list.

What with the recent airing of "Children of Earth," the Torchwood fanfiction community has been--understandably--a bit overwhelmed with stories about the mini-series. In an effort to aid those readers who a) might not have seen "Children of Earth" yet or b) want to take a break from reading about "Children of Earth," I have (inspired by [ profile] zortified) added a "nochildrenofearth" tag to my Delicious bookmarks.

These are stories which contain no spoilers about "Children of Earth," and do not take place during that time period of the series.

I've only tagged back as far as July 6th, the day "Children of Earth" began to air. If you want to read non-"Children of Earth" stories I bookmarked before then, just go to the main bookmark page and scroll/page until you get to July 5th. You're safe from there on back. :)

ETA: Playing the part of my brain, [ profile] adina_atl has reminded me how easily the Bulk Edit function works (we won't mention that I used it to add the new tag to all the recent stories and then failed to think about the fact that it would work on all my tags at once, no really), and I've gone ahead and tagged all my bookmarks with "nochildrenofearth" as appropriate. That means that if you begin by using that tag and keep adding other tags to it (there's a list of + tags to the right when you get to the bookmark page), you will not encounter "Children of Earth" stories. Yes, it means that a huge majority of my bookmarks are tagged that way, but that's not really a problem and it does mean that readers can surf un-spoiled. I hope. :)

For those who do want to read more stories about "Children of Earth," I've tagged everything having to do with it with "spoilers:childrenofearth." I've also tagged most of the stories "torchwood:series3" and, where applicable, "torchwood:post-series3."

Also be aware that the "torchwood:post-series" tag--which covers stories that take place in the far-enough future to be unlikely to ever be covered by canon--may include "Children of Earth" spoilers even if there's not a specific Series 3 tag. In that case, there will be a "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag in place. As a final warning, be aware that some of the tags on "Children of Earth" stories may in themselves be spoilers.

(ETA September 6, 2009: It's been two months now since "Children of Earth" aired, and most communities have eased up on spoiler protection. I've thought about whether or not to stop using the spoiler tags, and have decided that, for now, I'll continue to use both the "nochildrenofearth" tag and the "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag for at least another month. It's very likely that I will eventually drop the "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag, but I may continue to use the "nochildrenofearth" one, simply because I can see where readers might want to filter those stories.)
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I am slowly plowing through stories from the TARDIS Big Bang. As I read, I'm tagging the stories I liked on Delicious, under the "tardisbigbang" tag. (This tag does cover stories from both rounds, although I haven't got around to wholesale tagging of Round 1.)

Recommendations so far )

I've also finally cleared out the 300+ stories from the folder where I dump newly saved stories, and as a result there are quite a few new Torchwood recs up. While they're skewed towards newer stories, there's a mix of older stuff in there as well.
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This poster was seeking hurt/comfort stories where a member of the team was delirious. Not surprisingly, in most of the stories I found, that team member was Ianto.

Delerium )

I've realized that there's often a lot of overlap on these lists. There are certain types of stories that get asked for a lot, and certain stories that seem to fit into many of those types. I suppose repetition is inevitable.


May. 7th, 2009 12:49 pm
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I'm cranky about formatting today. It's bad enough that authors persist in posting with their annoying single paragraph spacing (conform to my norms, dammit!), but now there's a rash of double spacing everything except dialogue exchanges. What the hell?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it goes like this:

I'll be reading along a story where the author has put double spaces between the paragraphs, much like this post. Then suddenly characters will begin talking.

"I don't get it," Jack said.
"Get what?"
"This sudden single spacing thing. Not that I object being close to people, but sometimes it cramps my style if you know what I mean."
"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"I'm talking about this. See? See the nice double space? Isn't that much easier to read?"

"You may have a point there, sir."

"Glad you see it my way. Now get over here and close this space."

I really hope this doesn't become a trend, or I may have to stab someone. Or, worse, write another FAQ about it.
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Sorry for the spammage. I posted the last list, then realized I need to make a post about not being able to post for a while after my surgery tomorrow, then realized that if I couldn't post after my surgery tomorrow, I couldn't post the next two lists over the next couple of days, either. So, the last two lists:

This request was for stories in which Ianto felt unappreciated by Jack or felt that Jack was in love with Gwen or someone else:

Unappreciated Ianto )

The second request was for a specific story in which Jack and Ianto were able to read one another's minds, followed by a more general request for Jack/Ianto mind reading stories:

Mind reading Jack and Ianto )

That's it for now with the lists. As I mentioned above, I'm having my wrist surgery tomorrow, and will probably not be able to type for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck, and take care, everyone! :)
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One way I've been amusing myself lately is by tracking down Torchwood fanfiction stories on [ profile] twstoryfinder and [ profile] twgenrefinders. It's something I can do that doesn't involve much typing apart from copy pasta, and it also usefully exploits my bizarre habit of saving every piece of fanfiction I read.

I thought, therefore, that I'd re-post some of the lists I've compiled, for the future edification of Torchwood genre-seekers. These are not recommendations per se. If a story is on my hard drive it means no more or less than the fact that I probably read it all the way through at least once. These lists are merely that: lists of stories that fit certain criteria.

Without further ado, here's the first list:

Stories that feature pre-series explorations of Suzie's character )
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You'd think I would know better than to say things like "I can still talk." And, okay, granted, I can still talk, but my voice is not, at the moment, at its most aesthetically pleasing what with the coughing and wheezing and phlegm. So, the [ profile] amplificathon is on temporary hold.

Temporary, I say, because after the third time I've had bronchitis in less than nine months, I actually recognized the signs without the requisite "let's wait a week until I *really* feel like crap and only then go to the doctor." Three days after starting antibiotics, I'm cautiously optimistic that I might not end up flat on my back coughing miserably for two weeks, and might in fact be getting just a wee bit better. Maybe. (Eyes above statement about talking warily.)

The really good news, though, is that the steroid shot seems to be working pretty much as advertised on the carpal tunnel issue. I haven't quite dared to start knitting yet, but I've been able to type painlessly for some shockingly long stretches (while, obviously, trying not to overdo it :)). This post, for instance. So, on the whole, things are improving.

While I've been not-podficcing and not-knitting, I've been doing some reading. I would therefore like to gently remind some members Torchwood fanfic community that a new speaker requires the dialogue to be in a separate paragraph. Really. Line upon line of single returns, when all other paragraphs in the story are double returns, doesn't count.

Also, while I enjoy the Captain's Blog as much as the next fangirl (i.e. lots), I would actually like to see more stories/discussion explaining why Jack still has a fat lip four weeks after Ianto punched him in the face than stories/discussion that blithely assume that secondary canon written two years after the fact trumps the show (and guts the whole point of Ianto sucking it up like the super-secret android spy painfully emotionally repressed guy that he is and coming back to work the next day as if his cybernetic girlfriend hadn't horribly murdered two people and been gunned down in her borrowed pizza-delivery-girl body by his boyfriend fuck-buddy whatever-the-hell boss* the day before).

(Yes, it's been bugging me, don't ask me why, when there are at least five thousand other things I could be wasting my energy being annoyed by. Apparently I picked this one.)

*I love this show. :)
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For [ profile] coreopsis, some Torchwood recs. You requested long, plotty first time Jack/Ianto, so I've tried to indicate when stories were not, perhaps, long or plotty or first time. I got to somewhere around the M's in my Torchwood folder, so there'll be a second post in the future.

Torchwood Recs Ahoy! )
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The following is an index of all my fanfiction. The main title links will go to the Dreamwidth version, since Dreamwidth allows for longer--and therefore single-file--posts. The Livejournal links will follow, with links to all the parts if needed. You can also find these stories archived at my author page on Archive of Our Own and on Skyehawke. Please note that I've backdated each story to its original posting date, which is why you may suddenly find yourself in a part of the journal dating to before its actual creation.

I have also made a downloadable .zip file of plain-text versions of all my stories for your convenience.

I have also made recordings of some of the stories. You can find all my recordings gathered in my podfic folder on Megaupload, and also on my author page at the Audiofic Archive. There are also links to the individual files on this index, and on the story posts.

You will find a highlight bar at the top of each of my stories with a content statement. I will notify in that space about any violence or sexual content; if a story contains rape, incest, underage sex, child abuse, or character death; or if there is no such content in the story.

Re-archiving the material posted here is fine, so long as the text remains as-is and I am credited as the author/creator, and so long as I retain the right to ask for the material to be removed from the archive. Individual distribution through e-mail or file-sharing is also okay.

If you wish to record, remix, illustrate, continue, parody or otherwise create another fanwork of any of my stories, please feel free to do so (even if I've already made a recording, illustration, sequel, etc.). All I ask is that you link back to the original story at one of the links below or at Archive of Our Own. If you feel you need to edit the work for recording or other non-text reproduction, go ahead, but I would appreciate a note on the new work if the edits are substantial ones. Notification is nice, but not necessary. If, however, you wish to make a podfic and don't want to duplicate one I've already done, you might want to check with me to see what I'm already in the process of recording.

These are copies of the stories that used to be hosted at That site is no more, so if you have links that direct to it, please update them to the links on this journal or to the files on Archive of Our Own. Thanks!

[Due South] [Law & Order] [Stargate SG-1] [Stargate: Atlantis] [Twin Peaks]

Due South Stories )

Law & Order Stories )

Stargate:Atlantis Stories )

Stargate SG-1 Stories )

Twin Peaks Stories )

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