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Um. Hello. Yes.

So. It's been approximately 10 days since I started watching Supernatural. Watched the latest aired episode last night. I think even for me that's a record for mainlining a series.

First impressions, which, if you have been a fan of the show for more than five minutes, you have no doubt read a million times already at some point in the last five years )

Skip=339 ?!

Mar. 3rd, 2010 10:24 pm
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So, after watching the Supernatural* episode "Faith," I was reminded that I really needed to get a Julie Benz icon (because I adore her). I did an interest search on LJ, found several different potential icon communities in quick succession, and then saw the following horrifying information:

6,659 Journal Entries, 0 Tags, 0 Memories

and only slightly less horrifying

3,217 Journal Entries, 0 Tags, 0 Memories

And they were all like that. What the hell, icon journals? (You will note that I am not, in fact, showing off a spiffy new Julie Benz icon. :( )

*After all the miscellaneous information I've absorbed about the show over the years of not watching it, why have I not heard about those set designers dreams aka the motel rooms? Did they stop doing them after the first season? I was thrown into some kind of 70s flashback by the panes of orange ripple glass in one of the first episodes, and have watched in fascinated horror ever since to see what kind of monstrosity was coming next.

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