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Title: Famous
Author: Dorothy Marley ([personal profile] dmarley/[ profile] dmarley)
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/Torchwood crossover
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness/Carson Beckett UST
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Carson Beckett
Rating: PG
Content Notice: (skip) There are no specific warnings for this story. However, the concepts of the Cycle universe lend themselves to exploring issues of consent, and the idea of Cycling carries with it the implications of dubious consent. If exploring further in this universe, please be aware of these issues.
Length: 1,715 words
Date Completed: April 3, 2009
Summary: To Jack Harkness, Carson Beckett is much more than just a pretty face.
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Famous )
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Stargate Atlantis Season 5 will be on iTunes after all.

W00t, I say, w00t.

According to the article, MGM--not NBC or SciFi--owns the rights and distribution of Stargate Atlantis and therefore doesn't give a crap what NBC does. And since MGM sees fit to distribute on a system that supports Macs and doesn't mysteriously delete downloads, MGM will be getting some $$ from me.

Obviously, I debated the wisdom of paying for a show twice--on iTunes and then later on DVD--but once I figured out that buying a season pass to every show I'm interested in seeing was *still* significantly cheaper than the cable bill we no longer have, I didn't feel so bad about it.

Of course, according to Nielson this means that I don't watch any television at all, despite the fact that I actually pay money for the express purpose of seeing specific shows, but that's a rant for another day. Now, I'm just happy to be able to buy convenience. :)
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Does anyone have any information on whether or not Stargate Atlantis will be available on iTunes this season? I can't imagine why it wouldn't be, and yet there's not a hint of a Season 5 pass being offered on iTunes and I can't seem to find a single scrap of information anywhere about it. (I even tried the Gateworld forums, I was so desperate. :))

ETA: [ profile] zvi_likes_tv has told me about the NBC vs. iTunes issue, which would, yes, explain why
Atlantis and other Scifi Channel shows aren't on iTunes (let's just gloss over the fact that I'd also apparently suppressed the information that NBC owns SciFi, and that I wasn't even aware of said issue before now). Serious fail in geek points for missing that one. At least now I know. :)

Atlantis is available on Amazon Unbox, but less than five minutes poking around the comments convinced me to give Unbox a pass, at least for now. For one thing, their software doesn't run on a Mac, and I got the season pass on iTunes last year to *save* myself hoop-jumping.

Sorry NBC, no $$ from me until the DVDs come out.
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Okay, so how on earth did I fail to know about this?

First of all, the news that Big Finish is going to do some Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis audios is awesome. That alone would make me a happy, happy Atlantis fangirl.


David Nykl is going to perform the second Atlantis story. And it's a Zelenka-centric story.

Please excuse me while I say

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The following is an index of all my fanfiction. The main title links will go to the Dreamwidth version, since Dreamwidth allows for longer--and therefore single-file--posts. The Livejournal links will follow, with links to all the parts if needed. You can also find these stories archived at my author page on Archive of Our Own and on Skyehawke. Please note that I've backdated each story to its original posting date, which is why you may suddenly find yourself in a part of the journal dating to before its actual creation.

I have also made a downloadable .zip file of plain-text versions of all my stories for your convenience.

I have also made recordings of some of the stories. You can find all my recordings gathered in my podfic folder on Megaupload, and also on my author page at the Audiofic Archive. There are also links to the individual files on this index, and on the story posts.

You will find a highlight bar at the top of each of my stories with a content statement. I will notify in that space about any violence or sexual content; if a story contains rape, incest, underage sex, child abuse, or character death; or if there is no such content in the story.

Re-archiving the material posted here is fine, so long as the text remains as-is and I am credited as the author/creator, and so long as I retain the right to ask for the material to be removed from the archive. Individual distribution through e-mail or file-sharing is also okay.

If you wish to record, remix, illustrate, continue, parody or otherwise create another fanwork of any of my stories, please feel free to do so (even if I've already made a recording, illustration, sequel, etc.). All I ask is that you link back to the original story at one of the links below or at Archive of Our Own. If you feel you need to edit the work for recording or other non-text reproduction, go ahead, but I would appreciate a note on the new work if the edits are substantial ones. Notification is nice, but not necessary. If, however, you wish to make a podfic and don't want to duplicate one I've already done, you might want to check with me to see what I'm already in the process of recording.

These are copies of the stories that used to be hosted at That site is no more, so if you have links that direct to it, please update them to the links on this journal or to the files on Archive of Our Own. Thanks!

[Due South] [Law & Order] [Stargate SG-1] [Stargate: Atlantis] [Twin Peaks]

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Law & Order Stories )

Stargate:Atlantis Stories )

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Have I mentioned that I've been watching Stargate: Atlantis? Finally? No? Well, I have. I'm up to the second season now, and just saw "Trinity."

So. That's where the McKay/Sheppard comes from.... Okay, yes, there among many other places. :) I admit, I appear to have latched onto the good Doctor Beckett as a particular focus of my fannish squishy glee, but it's really an embarrassment of riches, character-wise. Rodney is my snarky hero, John my laid-back badass, Teyla my goddess of cool, and Ronon my big lumpish cave bear. With brains. Also, I would like to pack Radek Zelenka in my luggage and take him home. For one thing, he'd be great at fixing stuff around the house.

I find it reassuring that I'm dipping back into fannishness again. It feels very nice. I've got a couple of shiny new fandoms to explore, a huge pile of SGA slash fic to read through, and the nice Comcast man is coming next week to hook us up with cable and broadband intranets. I'm even writing a prompt for the Porn Battle. It may not work out, but I actually had a) an idea, b) inspiration, and c) enough interest to flesh it out in my head. If I end up posting it, that'll just be a bonus.

Hi, fandom. Welcome back. I've missed you. :)

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