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I was putting off this post until I had two good hands, but as it happens I'm just going to have to type with one freakin' finger because I am that angry. I can't say all that I want to because I would still be pecking at the keyboard by the time my cast comes off. So, I'll bottom line it:

I will no longer be buying books written or edited by Will Shetterly, Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear or Kathryn Cramer. I will not be completely boycotting Tor Books, but all other choices being equal I will certainly be less likely to choose to give money to a company so closely associated with Patrick and Teresa Nielsen-Hayden.

If you're familiar with the massive imbroglio that has come to be known as RaceFail09, then you probably know why I feel it's important to post about this. But I also know that several people on my friends list probably aren't, and are no doubt wondering why the heck I'm suddenly refusing to have anything to do with writers I've been reading since the beginning of their careers.

Here's why:

An Overview of RaceFail09 )

I've been in the SF fannish community for 25 years. For a community that prides itself on progressive thinking, on open-mindedness and acceptance, it's truly appalling that we supposed progressive thinkers have closed our minds to the fact that SF fandom isn't a comfortable or welcoming place for fans of color. We have to change. This has to stop.

So, I'm doing what I can to help. I'm going to stop rewarding this bad behavior. I'm going to post in my journal to let other fans know what the supposed professionals in the field are doing. I'm going to try my best to listen and learn and promote change.

This has to stop. We have to change.


*I have edited this sentence in light of this discussion.

I will be leaving comments enabled, but I won't, for obvious reasons, be able to reply quickly or consistently. This doesn't mean "don't express your concerns"--far from it--but it does mean that I might not be able to be more eloquent than "Oops" and "Sorry" in reply.

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