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You'd think I would know better than to say things like "I can still talk." And, okay, granted, I can still talk, but my voice is not, at the moment, at its most aesthetically pleasing what with the coughing and wheezing and phlegm. So, the [ profile] amplificathon is on temporary hold.

Temporary, I say, because after the third time I've had bronchitis in less than nine months, I actually recognized the signs without the requisite "let's wait a week until I *really* feel like crap and only then go to the doctor." Three days after starting antibiotics, I'm cautiously optimistic that I might not end up flat on my back coughing miserably for two weeks, and might in fact be getting just a wee bit better. Maybe. (Eyes above statement about talking warily.)

The really good news, though, is that the steroid shot seems to be working pretty much as advertised on the carpal tunnel issue. I haven't quite dared to start knitting yet, but I've been able to type painlessly for some shockingly long stretches (while, obviously, trying not to overdo it :)). This post, for instance. So, on the whole, things are improving.

While I've been not-podficcing and not-knitting, I've been doing some reading. I would therefore like to gently remind some members Torchwood fanfic community that a new speaker requires the dialogue to be in a separate paragraph. Really. Line upon line of single returns, when all other paragraphs in the story are double returns, doesn't count.

Also, while I enjoy the Captain's Blog as much as the next fangirl (i.e. lots), I would actually like to see more stories/discussion explaining why Jack still has a fat lip four weeks after Ianto punched him in the face than stories/discussion that blithely assume that secondary canon written two years after the fact trumps the show (and guts the whole point of Ianto sucking it up like the super-secret android spy painfully emotionally repressed guy that he is and coming back to work the next day as if his cybernetic girlfriend hadn't horribly murdered two people and been gunned down in her borrowed pizza-delivery-girl body by his boyfriend fuck-buddy whatever-the-hell boss* the day before).

(Yes, it's been bugging me, don't ask me why, when there are at least five thousand other things I could be wasting my energy being annoyed by. Apparently I picked this one.)

*I love this show. :)

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