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Pod-together promotional banner
Open for sign ups May 16 to May 27 on Livejournal and Dreamwidth

Full disclosure: I'm not signing up because I suck at deadlines of any sort, but I love podfic. I think this is an awesome idea that deserves whatever promotion I can give it.
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Just a little plug for Desert Bus for Hope 3. If you've never heard of this, it's a fundraiser for Child's Play, a charity that donates toys and games to children's hospitals across North America.

How the fundraiser works: A group of gamers volunteer to play Desert Bus, the most boring and pointless video game ever in exchange for donations. The more donations they receive, the longer they play. At the present time, they have received over $16,000, enough money that they are committed to play for 104 hours. So long as they get donations, they'll keep playing. Check it out.
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I saw this on [community profile] metafandom, and think it's important to share:

Nerdy PSA by [personal profile] hope

It's a brief guide to some important information about using the right HTML to make your posts and/or pages more accessible to people who might, for instance, be using text-reading programs. I was really embarrassed to not know that the em and strong tags have an important function for text readers, that they actually affect the inflection of the reading, unlike bold and italics tags. I also wasn't using the title tag for my links--at least up until now--and I wasn't always careful about making the linked text informative. This is what happens when you learn just enough HTML to be dangerous around 1997-8 and never upgrade.

A lot of the information in [personal profile] hope's post is from the HTML Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. I feel that this will be an invaluable resource to help me join the 21st century. :)
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[ profile] z_rayne posted this link to "Television's Afterlife", an article from the Toronto Star about fan fiction. I read it and thought it was well worth spreading around. Unlike many articles, this one seems fairly well-researched and is nicely un-sensationalized. A nice change of pace, that.
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Taking a few moments break from pirates to explore the 21st century:

Space Elevator Comes Closer to Reality


Space Elevator Project

Apparently the idea for this 89,000-mile elevator ribbon thingy comes from Arthur C. Clark's Fountains of Paradise (which I've read but am ashamed to say I don't remember anything about). According to Albert, even if they just build the 31-mile electromagnetic tower, they can shoot stuff into space at a much higher velocity than before, and even reach Mars in a matter of days instead of months. The mind kind of boggles.

Think I'll stop spamming now. :)

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