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I am almost finished watching the second season of Man from UNCLE. I wince when I consider all the wasted years of my life when I was *not watching this show.*

On a mildly related note, I have just finished watching the entirety of NCIS. All of it. From start to finish. I only meant to watch a couple of episodes, just to see if David McCallum was still sexy (he is), and fell to my arch-nemesis the Police Drama. It was like having a bag of Doritos. I had to watch

I have also watched the entirety of Life on Mars (the UK one). It was, possibly, a mistake to watch this before NCIS, because about 75% of time I was watching NCIS and wondering when the plot was going to twist next and then it never did. (This isn't necessarily a criticism of NCIS--Life on Mars had 5-7 extra minutes for their story, and a lot more leeway when it came to what they could say and do on screen. It's apples and oranges where I had to remind myself every now and then I *was* eating an orange and not an apple). Life on Mars was amazing and awesome and I'm now more than a little in love with John Simm.

Also, Doctor Who is making me nervous. I keep thinking "Okay, there's no way they can top *that,*" and then they do. It's like watching someone juggle plates and wondering how long they can keep it up, and also wondering if the answer is "forever, baby!" :)

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