Sep. 6th, 2003 04:16 pm
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Boo has a tooth. Just one, and it's just a little teeny stub poking up, but it's there. Next week, corn on the cob. :)

Also, I'd like to wish [livejournal.com profile] vickita a Happy Day That Is Like Every Other Day. ;)

In other news, I got my reservations for the Holiday Inn for Media*West next year. Who-hoo! No trucking up the street to the con!

It seems that we're making up Marvel Superheroes characters tonight, which is good because I have no clue how to go about it. This will be our fourth MS game, and I've yet to have to shift my lazy arse to make a character because [livejournal.com profile] pktheater, Jim, and Todd were all nice enough to make up a character for my time-deprived self. Since Brian has even less time than I do, having a baby even younger than mine, I asked for a making-up-characters session so I could figure out what I was doing, and apparently it will be tonight. Whee! Lasers! Mental powers! Spandex!
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Most important news first: Boo's been standing on her own! She's not taking steps or anything, but she can let go and stand up on her own pretty good.

I discovered this a couple of days ago, when she was standing holding on to her World Conquest Command Center (one of those little Fisher-Price table thingies with the knobs and shapes) with one hand and holding a toy in the other. I offered her an apple-flavored wagon wheel, which she wanted, but for which she wasn't about to relinquish the toy. So, she let go of the Command Center, got the wagon wheel, and stood there to eat it. The only downside was that I couldn't get to the video camera before she sat down.

Froze 14 cups of bananas last night. The local international market sells bananas for 25 cents a pound, and I got over 12 pounds. 14 cups of Gerber bananas cost $34. I paid less than $4 for the ones I froze. *Pets freezer*

Updated my knitting gallery on the website. It's been about four years since I added new pictures, and most of the stuff up there is older than that now. This update is something of a monument to geekhood. There's a Dr. Who scarf (and the pattern), a Predators scarf, and a hat with Earth's Stargate address knitted on it. When knitting and geeking collide....

Saturday Gaming Report )

Edited to fix cut tag. I always forget the quotation marks....
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I found out a couple of days ago that Albert was going to have to work two 18-hour days in a row. This seemed like a good time to visit my mother. So, I packed up Boo and hit the road Sunday.

The long version of said trip )

Anyway, I survived the trip, and so did the baby. I spent today sleeping in, having lunch with my dad, and trying to figure out how to transfer my mother's digital pictures to her computer. (I've never used any computers other than Macs, but I've given up trying to explain to my mom that I really don't know what I'm doing with her computer. Every time I claim ignorance, and then sit down with the thing, I still make it work, so I guess I can't blame her for not believing my protests of incompetence.) Unfortunately, the battery on the camera died before we found out if we were doing the right thing, so we'll have to try again tomorrow.

Boo is perfecting her stomping skills these days. She can't walk, but she can cruise, and she's started taking these enormous giant steps when I hold her up. Albert calls her Girlzilla, and exhorts her to crush cities beneath her feet. Not sure what the baby-raising books would say about this.

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