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Bad news first.

I had a talk with my physical therapist yesterday about DragonCon, and while he didn't say "don't go," the things we talked about led me to the conclusion that going would not be fun. Everything I want to do involves either standing in line (or sitting on the floor in line) or sitting in horrible hotel conference chairs. I finally realized that I would either be in the hotel room lying down, or in a lot of pain. While the opportunities for hotel-room socializing are not to be discounted as a primary factor in my going to the con in the first place, I finally realized that I just wasn't prepared to face the prospect of the pain involved to do anything else. Such as drive five hours and haul my luggage through the Atlanta subway. So, I'm staying home.

The silver lining to all this (there's always one :)) is that I'll be able to maybe do some bookmarking. I've been trying to figure out a way to cross-post my Delicious bookmarks directly to my journals. I've been using the always-awesome Text Wrangler to code my finder lists by hand, but it would be nice to have a way to share the links.

This can be done from Delicious with other blogs, but not with LJ-based clients. I know there are a couple of scripts that can do it, but I don't have the hosting capabilities to run them. I'm experimenting with Twitter, but the automatic Tweeting from Delicious doesn't seem to work, at least not from the LJ add-on window, and doing it from the Delicious site is a royal pain in the ass. We'll see how it goes. :)

ETA: Ha! Figured out what was wrong with the auto-Tweeting from Delicious. I've now set up LoudTwitter, so hopefully my links will now funnel back onto my journal (under a cut, of course :)). Right now, I'm only doing it on Livejournal to test it.
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I have packed for Dragcon*Con. Actually, I did it yesterday. I need to bring along an inflatable mattress, but I'm also going to have to haul all my luggage on Marta. So, I did a test pack to see if I could fit everything into my rolling backpack, or if I'd have to suck it up and use my daughter's very small--but also very girly pink--suitcase.

I did manage to fit it in, but it's a tight fit and I'm thinking that the girly pink suitcase is the better option. Still, I'm kind of impressed that an entire inflatable mattress + pump + usual crap for a four-night stay all fit into the backpack.

Yesterday I picked up all the miscellaneous crap I needed: power strips, band-aids, cash, power bars, hand wipes, etc. Today I cleaned out my car in anticipation of loading up extra luggage. This means that at 10:30am the day *before* I leave I am a) packed and b) actually prepared to leave.

I'm not sure what this all portends, except that I've probably ensured that I will forget at least sixteen really important things and that I will really, really need extra space in my luggage on the way home.
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David Nykl will be at Dragon*Con.

So will Gareth David-Lloyd.

I'm just going to be over here in the corner, quietly hyperventilating.
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I was going to post my DragonCon report in one post, but it turned out to be a bit long, so I'm going to split it up. For those less interested in the minute details, I will merely say here that I had a great time, even if all I did was knit and watch Doctor Who. I got to see many of my regular friends and share the fun with them (though I do regret not seeing more of [ profile] pktheater, [ profile] thewordoffred, [ profile] ebonange, [ profile] dj_evil_chip, and [ profile] demtent1a. Also, I suck for not getting in touch with [ profile] ohthecuteness. I plead Doctor Who. I'm also sad that I only saw [ profile] xochiquetzl the one time, as we passed one another on the escalator. Next year!)

I did get a pair of socks done, watched 15 episodes of Doctor Who, gave blood, ate some good meals, yakked and yakked with Lisa about Doctor Who (nostalgia for the first days of our friendship there!), saw some good panels, bought some stuff, and ended up feeling very good about how I'd spent both time and money. All and all a very satisfying con. And I'm still not done watching all the Doctor Who episodes I brought home. All is good.

Detailed reports to follow!
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Right. DragonCon is a week away. Well, tomorrow it will be a week away. Naturally, the most urgent, burning issue of my preparations is "What am I going to knit?"

The Seaweed Afghan is right out. )


Sep. 4th, 2003 03:14 pm
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I'm still working on the detailed daily reports, but here's the overview:

DragonCon, so much fun.... )
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Whew. Just got back from DragonCon. I have more detailed reports to post later, but right now I'm just glad to be home with Albert and Boo. We all had a great time, despite it being an experience unlike any other DragonCon.

Talked to lots of people I wanted to talk to, met people I wanted to meet, did stuff I wanted to do, and managed to get home with $10 in my wallet and all of Melissa's paintings intact. Yay!

Anyway, off to do some more LJ catching up and to try to write stuff down before I forget it all. More reports later.
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So, I think I'm packed for DragonCon. Maybe. You'd think after twenty years that I'd have con-packing down to a better art than this. But, no, I'm still dithering around knowing I'm packing too much and still wondering what I'm forgetting to bring. Still, it's no mean feat to even be at this stage at 11pm the night before.

Random packing thoughts )

Picked up Melissa's three paintings last night, brought them home and put them in Boo's room to prevent curious felines from destroying them. I had a dream this morning that one of them became thin as gauze and started developing runs like a pair of panty hose. I was trying to hang them, but kept screwing up and putting them facing the walls and poking holes in the canvas. No, I'm not nervous about being entrusted with her babies, not at all....

Anyway, I should probably quit fooling around on-line and get to bed, so I can wake up fifteen times thinking, "Oh, I forgot to pack X!"
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I have finally finalized my plans for Dragoncon. I know that [ profile] graculus and [ profile] xochiquetzl (and, of course, [ profile] pktheater) will be there, but I'd like to alter my usual strategy of wandering aimlessly hoping to meet people I know among the 25,000 attendees. So, in hopes of increasing the odds, here is my schedule, such as it is:

Albert and I will be driving down on Thursday. We'll be bringing some of my friend Melissa's art, so we'll most likely be hanging around the art show helping her and Todd for at least part of the afternoon. I'll be at the con until Monday morning, then I plan to stay at my sister's Monday night before heading back home Tuesday. (Not sure if I've actually remembered to tell my sister about this part of the plan. Hm. Probably ought to do that.)

It is likely that on most evenings I will be found in the open gaming area, roleplaying. There is a high probability that I will be knitting. I plan to go to at least some of the Stargate panels, and I'll definitely be at Christopher Judge's panels if at all possible. At the moment I'm unaware of any organized gatherings of slashy folk, so if any are in the works I'd be interested.


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