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These two podfics were actually recorded a year ago, but I only just now got around to editing them.

Stages. Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio. NC-17. 4,043 words. Download the podfic at Megaupload (permanent link) | Download at Mediafire (temporary link, will expire 10/09/09) (26:43) 10.56 MB
Summary: A small cabin, a cold night, two lonely cops.
Livejournal: Stages

Stages II: A Thousand Miles. Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio. NC-17. 5,354 words. Download the podfic at Megaupload (permanent link) | Download at Mediafire (temporary link, will expire 10/09/09) (35:25) 12.16 MB
Summary: When Fraser is transferred back to Chicago, Ray realizes that they need to have a little chat.
Livejournal: Stages II: A Thousand Miles
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I finally buckled down to the Very Important task of updating my fiction index. I'd been meaning to consolidate all the multi-post stories on Dreamwidth anyway, and while I was at it I updated the story headers, finally getting rid of some of the mailing list artifacts that aren't really necessary anymore.

For one thing, I had great big asterisked and allcapped warnings about the slash content. It was a good idea ten years ago, when a lot of people didn't actually know what slash was and might very well click on a story expecting either lots of gore or perhaps fiction about Guns N' Roses. Now, however, I feel that "warning" about slash sends a negative message that I certainly don't want to perpetuate, and the information about slash is pretty well known these days. Especially when the pairings are right there in the headers anyway. One day, I will have to go through and update the mailing list formatting, which means going through and changing all the asterisks to emphasis or whatever. Today, however, is not that day.

Updated Fiction Index on Dreamwidth (All the stories are consolidated into single posts here)

Updated Fiction Index on Livejournal (Stories longer than LJ's 10,000-word/60K limit are split into parts)

I also added download links to all the podfic versions I've made of stories. Since I've never actually posted them to my journal before, here's the complete list of podfics:

Due South/Twin Peaks

Cold Heart. [Download the podfic (83.6 MB)] Benton Fraser/Dale Cooper, Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio. NC-17. Twin Peaks Crossover. 19,702 words.
Summary: Fraser is acting strangely, and an unexpected visit from a man from his past only makes Ray more determined to discover what's wrong.

Law & Order

Cascade. [Download the podfic (19.71 MB)] 4,554 words.
Summary: After the arrest of Father Joe Krolinsky, Mike Logan has a talk with his father.

Louder Than Words. [Download the podfic (73.36 MB)] Mike Logan/Ben Stone. NC-17. 17,814 words.
Summary: As Mike Logan investigates the Lowenstein case, he and Ben Stone begin to re-evaluate their broken relationship.

Stargate SG-1

All the Pens That Ever Poets Held. [Download the podfic (6.91 MB)] Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson. 3,277 words.
Summary: While stranded on a distant planet, Jack O'Neill thinks about home.

Excuses. [Download the podfic (2.97 MB)] Jack O'Neill/Teal'c. 610 words.
Summary: Jack O'Neill ponders the progress of his relationship with Teal'c.

Taking Care. [Download the podfic (3.26 MB)] Challenge Story. 1,427 words.
Summary: Jack O'Neill has had a very long day.

Twin Peaks

The Secret Tapes of Dale Cooper. [Download the podfic (4.09 MB)] Dale Cooper/Albert Rosenfield. 832 words.
Summary: Cooper didn't address all his tapes to Diane.

The Private Letters of Albert Rosenfield. [Download the podfic (2.98 MB)] Dale Cooper/Albert Rosenfield. 620 words.
Summary: Albert writes a letter.
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The following is an index of all my fanfiction. The main title links will go to the Dreamwidth version, since Dreamwidth allows for longer--and therefore single-file--posts. The Livejournal links will follow, with links to all the parts if needed. You can also find these stories archived at my author page on Archive of Our Own and on Skyehawke. Please note that I've backdated each story to its original posting date, which is why you may suddenly find yourself in a part of the journal dating to before its actual creation.

I have also made a downloadable .zip file of plain-text versions of all my stories for your convenience.

I have also made recordings of some of the stories. You can find all my recordings gathered in my podfic folder on Megaupload, and also on my author page at the Audiofic Archive. There are also links to the individual files on this index, and on the story posts.

You will find a highlight bar at the top of each of my stories with a content statement. I will notify in that space about any violence or sexual content; if a story contains rape, incest, underage sex, child abuse, or character death; or if there is no such content in the story.

Re-archiving the material posted here is fine, so long as the text remains as-is and I am credited as the author/creator, and so long as I retain the right to ask for the material to be removed from the archive. Individual distribution through e-mail or file-sharing is also okay.

If you wish to record, remix, illustrate, continue, parody or otherwise create another fanwork of any of my stories, please feel free to do so (even if I've already made a recording, illustration, sequel, etc.). All I ask is that you link back to the original story at one of the links below or at Archive of Our Own. If you feel you need to edit the work for recording or other non-text reproduction, go ahead, but I would appreciate a note on the new work if the edits are substantial ones. Notification is nice, but not necessary. If, however, you wish to make a podfic and don't want to duplicate one I've already done, you might want to check with me to see what I'm already in the process of recording.

These are copies of the stories that used to be hosted at That site is no more, so if you have links that direct to it, please update them to the links on this journal or to the files on Archive of Our Own. Thanks!

[Due South] [Law & Order] [Stargate SG-1] [Stargate: Atlantis] [Twin Peaks]

Due South Stories )

Law & Order Stories )

Stargate:Atlantis Stories )

Stargate SG-1 Stories )

Twin Peaks Stories )
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Title: Hockey Night in Chicago
Author: Dorothy Marley ([personal profile] dmarley)
Fandom: Due South
Rating: G
Content Notice: (skip) None for this story.
Length: 597 words
Date Completed: November 29, 1998
Disclaimer: Benton Fraser and Ray Vecchio belong to Alliance Television and Paul Haggis. They are being used without permission, and without profit. No infringement on the rights of the owners is intended.
Notes: This story was written in answer to a challenge on the DIEF mailing list to write a story of 500 words containing the following items: Two Due South characters, ice, packing peanuts, something sticky and a feather duster

Summary: As Mark Smithbauer prepares to leave Chicago, Ray wonders if Fraser will miss his old friend.

Hockey Night in Chicago )

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