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One thing I forgot to share in the previous post was the issue I had with the beginning and end notes on AO3, and how I got around them. This is a known issue, but I hadn't seen any information on this particular workaround and thought I would share my experiences.

I discovered that if I added a note to the end of a story, the interface would then refuse thereafter to add a note at the beginning. I thought at first that this was a shortcoming of the interface and that you just couldn't do both, but then I tried it again on another story and figured out the workarounds. For those who experienced the same issue, here's what I did:

First, if you are going to add notes both to the end and beginning, select the beginning option first. If you do this, you can then add the end note without, as far as I could tell, any problem.

If you've already added a end note and want to add a beginning note, you'll need to go to the edit mode and delete the end note. You can't deselect the ticky box (yet), so you have to select the text and remove it, then save the story. Once you've done that, you can edit the story again with a clean slate on the notes option. At that point, just make sure to select the beginning note option first before reconstructing your end note.

I'm not sure if this is specific to my system/browser, but if you're running OSX and Firefox and ran into this, give it a try.

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