Dec. 26th, 2009

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I am approaching a state of readiness for my journey west. I am slightly more ready than I'd anticipated being today, because I made my last-minute run for last-minute items today instead of tomorrow. I had no intention of setting foot in any store the day after Christmas, but about two this afternoon I heard a thump downstairs. A few seconds after, my cell phone rang. My husband was calling me from the floor of the hallway, where he was lying after his back had locked up on him.

I got him up and onto the couch with a heating pad, then made an emergency run to the store for muscle relaxants. (Some things are, after all, just a bit more important than avoiding the post-Christmas rush.)

The good news is that Al is much, much better now. At first he couldn't even stand up, but just a few minutes ago he was able to walk up the stairs to the bedroom by himself. Much relief all around. And, while I was at the store getting things he needed (for instance, a six-pack of medicinal Guinness), I picked up the last two or three things I needed for the trip. Not the way I would have chosen to get prepared, but it worked out.

In between driving Al crazy asking him fifty billion times if he needed anything, I also took care of my computer transfer today, shuffling files from the Mac to the Netbook (in the process eradicating Smart Quotes from about 200 stories so I could read them gibberish-free on said Netbook...and I really wish I was kidding), converting and updating files on the iPod, making backups for me, making backups for my mom's iPod, and generally trying to make sure that everything I want will travel with me and I can survive if there's no internet. :)

I've also test-packed my carry-on bag, and everything seems okay. I'll have to unpack half of it at security because I'll have my computer, camera, GPS, iPod(s) and Boo's DVD player to run through, not to mention my CPAP machine, but that's why I also plan to get to the airport Very Early.

Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to flying right now. I'm not nervous about the flying part, but I'm worried about last-minute security measures. I've already cut way back on the knitting survival kit, figuring that now is not the time to show up with 50+ double-pointed needles in a wrap.

Also, this is not the time I really want to leave my husband by himself. Based on previous history, he'll probably be more than able to take care of himself and drive and probably even go to work by Monday, but I'm not happy about jetting off less than two days after he couldn't even walk by himself, even if it was only for a few hours. It was sheer luck that he was listening to cricket over his phone when he fell, and therefore had it with him in the house. I'm thinking of asking him to Velcro the phone to his body until I get back.

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