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The Purse Meme, most recently seen from [ profile] 51stcenturyfox.

The Purse, fully contained:

Photograph of my red purse, full and zipped up

I bought this purse primarily as a receptacle for my crossword puzzles. Of course, I had make sure that my crossword stash would fit. The natural solution was to take my ratty ziploc bag full of dog-eared newspapers into Dillard's and Macy's and try to fit it into various purses. For the record, I was not thrown out of either store.

The Purse, open to show that, yes, all the crap actually fits into it:

The Purse, open to show that, yes, all that crap actually fits into it

And now, under the cut, the actual crap I carry around:

Photograph of all the junk I carry in my purse

Here is the list of stuff, more or less from the top left of the picture and proceeding as if you're reading the picture from left to right in rows:

1 spare car key, which I keep meaning to take out of my purse and keep in the house or the glove compartment of the car.

12 Ponytail holders

2 pencil erasers (I make a lot of mistakes)
1 pencil
2 pens

$3.55 US

4 Starbucks receipts
2 Target receipts
1 CVS receipt
1 Weight Watcher receipt

6 1/2 Emergency migraine cocktails (Paranoid? Me? Despite not having a migraine while on Topamax? Nah...)
Children's Dramamine

Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm
Burt's Bees Banana Hand Creme
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme (Important knitting supplies. Except the lip balm, which is because I hate even the possibility having chapped lips)

18 ScrabbleGrams, one dating back to October 2009. Officially there's a twenty-minute limit.
6 NYT Crosswords, one dating back to January 14. (I never said I was good at them.)
6 other puzzles I'm still messing with from various papers

1 Brain, AKA my weekly planner
1 graph paper notebook because not everything fits in the teeny note space of the planner

1 Weight Watchers Points Calculator (I had to replace my little nail kit with this, and I'm not sure I can deal without it yet. Knitting with a hangnail or rough nail is really bad.)
1 Weight Watchers Pocket Guide
1 paper clip chain of 29 paper clips, 1 for each pound I've lost (It's a Weight Watchers thing)

My old and crappy cell phone that I love and will not replace until it dies.

3 iPods (Okay, yes, I have 3 iPods. They are, as you see, the single biggest space-hog items in my purse. I'm one of those people who like to listen to the same things over and over and I also spent an average of twenty-four hours a week waiting for my daughter to get out of school/Sababba/cheerleading. So, it makes sense for me to have entire runs of TV shows with me. And unabridged books. And copies of Dan Patrick's radio show from years ago. Really.)

2 spare headphone earbud covers. These are the single-most-lost/destroyed item of my iPodness. I'm always pulling the darn things off or losing them down a black hole or something.

1 Wallet (It's the teeny black thing. The fact that my wallet is smaller than any of the iPods probably just reinforces my priorities.)
1 Pool wallet, destined to be merged with the regular wallet in less than a week. Good-bye, summer! *sniff*

1 LED USB-charged penlight
1 2GB thumb drive

1 Big-ass Keychain with 2 1GB thumb drives and 1 billion of those stupid discount cards. And my library card.

1 Small-ass keychain that theoretically is part of the Big-ass keychain but usually lives on its own. The S-AK now sports my spiffy "I lost 10% of my starting weight" Weight Watchers keychain and my "I lost the weight of both my cats combined" (also known as 25 pounds) charm. I am hopelessly proud of that stupid keychain. :)

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