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Those of you in the US who are watching the weather--or possibly the national news--are likely aware that it's been raining a bit here in Nashville. The weather service issued a flood warning several days ago, before the rain even started, and apparently they knew what they were doing. The mayor issued a civil emergency warning two nights ago asking people to keep off the roads because the flooding was just that bad. I live in the southeast part of the city, near a lake, but I'm not on a flood plain. (It should be noted that in Tennessee, "lives near a lake" also means "lives near a dam." Although that's pretty much true for "lives in Tennessee" as well.)

There's no school for Boo today. My husband tried to get to work and discovered that the entire area around the complex where he works is blocked off. Not surprising, really, since the Cumberland river flows right by and it's been breaking its banks since last night. So, he's home, too.

The sun is shining this morning, but supposedly there's more rain in the offing in the next couple of days. And of course the really nasty flooding doesn't happen until all the runoff gets done getting into the rivers. The river I live near, as I said, is dammed, but the parts of the Cumberland that go through downtown and the Harpeth river always flood, and the Stones River in Murfreesboro always does some damage, too. So, yeah, hoping the rain holds off a bit.

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