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Um. Hello. Yes.

So. It's been approximately 10 days since I started watching Supernatural. Watched the latest aired episode last night. I think even for me that's a record for mainlining a series.

In a lot of ways, it was pretty much what I expected. I do enough meta that I was aware, in general terms, of the issues surrounding the problematic characterizations of women on the show. I think it prepared me for what happened to, well, every female character I liked. Or started out liking. Or thought I might possibly like. Or who wandered across the screen. It was, therefore, frustrating and maddening but it wasn't a sucker-punch, if that makes any sense. I will only say, therefore, that yeah, I get it and it sucks.

It's really a shame, because otherwise the show has a ton going for it. I really liked, for the most part, the meta-plot, even though I missed the first season monster-of-the-week format. I love Sam and Dean's relationship. I love that all the relationships so long as they're between guys, anyway are complex and imperfect and have to be worked at. The characters have flaws, and strengths, and weaknesses, and virtues. They change, they grow, they backslide, they alter their opinions. I like that sometimes I think Dean is being a jerk, and sometimes I think Sam is being a jerk, and sometimes I think they're *all* being jerks. And sometimes, they're all so wonderful I just want to hug them. (And then, you know, run far away from the blast radius.)

Also, dude, the motels. Okay, they never quite recaptured the disco-themed, stuffed-armadillo, rippled-glass greatness of the first season, but somewhere there's a crew called "Supernatural Motel Set Design" who must really, really love going to work.

I also adore Castiel.* For that reason alone, I'm bracing myself for the end of the season, because if I like him I'm going to preemptively assume that he's going to die. I think it'll just be easier that way.

*I'm sure it has nothing to do with my lifelong crush on Peter Falk and the fact that Wings of Desire is my favorite movie of Falk's ever.

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