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I just finished adding publication years to all my Delicious bookmarks. I started doing it to the new bookmarks back in November, but I had an enormous backlog that could only be tackled by loading every freakin' story and looking at the date on it. (If there was an easier way, don't tell me. Please.) I was able to use the bulk edit function, so at least I only had to make two or three passes to get a bunch of bookmarks done at a time. It was the only thing that saved me.

It was tedious as crap, but the task did give me a chance to check for broken links, and also replace all the "+" signs with spaces on the Livejournal tag links so they'll actually work again.


Bookmarks updated: 1 Gazillion (Okay, about 1,200. It just seemed like more.)
Broken links deleted: 13 (Surprised it was that few, actually)
Journals deleted while I was updating links to them: 1 (ETA: Journals un-deleted the following day: 1)
Bookmarks eaten by Delicious: 1
Number of times same link subsequently eaten until successfully re-added: 3 (Suspect Delicious may be getting wise to 50-tag workarounds. Also, yay for backing up Delicious bookmarks a lot.)

Year breakdowns

Total number of stories: 1578

2006: 55
2007: 192
2008: 431
2009: 739
2010: 125

Total dated: 1542

That leaves 36 stories still un-dated, but I expected the numbers wouldn't all add up because several off-LJ stories didn't have dates on them, and I'm also not surprised that among over 1,700 total links I may have missed a few.

I'm also not too surprised at the overall relative distribution. Torchwood didn't air until late October of 2006, and the fandom took a while to get going, hence the small number of stories in 2006. I will mention, though, that the numbers for 2007 and 2008 are not a completely accurate representation of the fandom. It's true that there was a pretty severe story drought for much of 2007, when the show wasn't on the air at all, but there was still a steady stream of stories that picked up considerably after Jack's appearance in Doctor Who in the summer, and towards the end of the year as the second series approached. There wasn't nearly as much of a drought in 2008, but the big reason for the lower numbers in both years are mostly a function of me not having gotten around to tagging those stories yet. :)

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