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This is a search that tends to come up a lot, so I decided to just go ahead and pre-emptively make a master list of Torchwood BDSM stories. Since most of the time the request is for Jack/Ianto, and also specific about who the Dom is, I've split the list into three parts: Jack/Ianto where Jack is the Dom, Jack/Ianto where Ianto is the Dom, and other pairings with the Dom indicated in a note. I've tagged all three lists as follows:

storyfinder:bdsmjackiantodomjack for Jack/Ianto stories where Jack is the Dom.

storyfinder:bdsmjackiantodomianto for Jack/Ianto stories where Ianto is the Dom.

storyfinder:bdsmotherpairings for all the stories with other pairings.

All three lists are consolidated under the storyfinder:bdsm tag.

Jack/Ianto BDSM, Dom Jack

Servant-Hearted, Sleepy-hearted and In His Service by [ profile] alex51324

Trust Series by Danse Macabre

The Adventures of Mr. Big by [ profile] kahtyasofia Part of the Captain's Blog series.

Disciplinary Action by [ profile] kahtyasofia

Untitled by [ profile] kahtyasofia

What We Have Here Is by [ profile] knowing_shadows

What You Need by [ profile] marita_c

Pride Cometh Before Ianto by [ profile] marvola

The Bed of Last Chances by [ profile] missdeanna

Tension and Release by [ profile] missdeanna

On the Use of Negative Reinforcement by [ profile] phaetonschariot

Take Back the Night by [ profile] phaetonschariot

Captain's Boy by [ profile] poisontaster

I Had No Idea I Had Been Travelling Series by [ profile] rm and [ profile] kalichan (This series appears on both the Dom Jack and Dom Ianto lists.)

Rarely Pure and Never Simple by [ profile] smallwaldo

A Close and Holy Darkness series by [ profile] spiderine

Needs and Wants by [ profile] xtricks

Jack/Ianto BDSM, Dom Ianto

A Sound Like Thunder by [ profile] dustbunnygirl

Imago by [ profile] neifile7

I Had No Idea I Had Been Travelling Series by [ profile] rm and [ profile] kalichan (This series appears on both the Dom Jack and Dom Ianto lists.)

Inadvisable, But Good by [ profile] the_silver_sun

Jabbed By The Needle In The Haystack by [ profile] skellerbvvt

It's Over Now by [ profile] verasteine

Homecoming by [ profile] xtricks

Correction by [ profile] zortified

Other BDSM Pairings

A Way to Forget by [ profile] kahtyasofia (Jack/OMC, Dom Jack)

Green by Letterblade (Jack/Kathy Swanson, Dom Kathy)

Obsession by [ profile] ningengirai (Ianto/Owen, Dom Owen)

Red and Fourth by [ profile] rm (Jack/OMC, Dom OMC)


Burying the Past and Reconnecting by [ profile] unfeathered; A Certain Sense of Home by [ profile] sistercarrion (Jack/Rupert Giles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover, Dom Giles)

Between Friends and Play Upon My Heart a Song by [ profile] skidmo_fic (Jack/Nikola Tesla, Sanctuary Crossover, Dom Tesla)

Multiple Pairings

It'll End in Tears by [ profile] invisible_lift (Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Andy Davidson, Jack/Ianto/Andy, Dom Ianto, Dom Jack)

What Women Make Best is the Bandage, Great Shoes and Dominance and submission by [ profile] kahtyasofia. Part of the Martina Series. (Jack/Ianto/OFC, Dom OFC)

The Taming of Captain John Hart by [ profile] skellerbvvt WIP (Jack/Ianto/John Hart, Dom Ianto) (Note: I rarely include unfinished stories, but what's been posted [which is quite a bit] is very good. This is also a rare enough dynamic that I didn't want to exclude it.)

thank you

Date: 2010-09-09 02:36 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
As a thank you for providing this wonderful list, which inspired my imagination, I hope you will find my new short series interesting. It is here:
Part I:
Part II-A:
Part II-B:
Part III:


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